Dr. Drake Bellanger and the Weight Loss Surgical Centers of Louisiana serve the Baton Rouge, Gonzales and southeastern Louisiana areas specializing in the latest techniques of weight loss surgery. These techniques include the Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band and Gastric Bypass, as well as comprehensive diet management after your procedure for safe and optimal weight loss.

Obesity is a serious health problem that can lead to life threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. For some men and women struggling with morbid obesity, diet and exercise can be the key to weight loss. For many others, however, these methods prove ineffective, and weight loss surgery may be required.

In cases where diet and exercise fail, weight loss surgery can offer the tools necessary to help patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Though weight loss surgery is not for everyone, it can be life changing when performed on the right candidate. Explore our web site for more information about the Lap Band System, Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass as well as the potential benefits of undergoing surgery.


At Weight Loss Surgical Centers of Louisiana, we are dedicated to providing our patients quality care and unparalleled long-term support. We believe that by educating you about weight loss surgery and providing you with the proper resources at our specially equipped facilities, we can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Each member of our professional staff is committed to helping you reach a realistic goal. We are devoted to long-term patient success and offer continued assistance to you, your family, and friends through our support groups.

Weight Loss Surgical Centers of Louisiana is committed to a partnership with you and your family as you explore options for successful weight loss and positive lifestyle changes. We are proud to offer you our comprehensive program, which includes educational classes, nutritional counseling, and medical and psychiatric consultations with members of our professional staff in conjunction with bariatric surgery. Our team is committed to a long-term relationship with you as you transition to a new lifestyle after a managed weight loss program or following your surgery.


Congratulations! You have taken the first steps to controlling your weight problems.

At Weight Loss Surgical Centers of Louisiana, we understand morbid obesity is a terrible disease. You are NOT taking “the easy way out,” nor should you be ashamed of researching your options for weight control.

Telling someone with morbid obesity their only option is to “stop eating so much” or “push away from the table” is the same as telling someone who loves to play tennis and injures their shoulder to simply “never play tennis again.” It is perfectly reasonable for that person to have their shoulder surgically repaired, so they can once again enjoy life’s pleasures. So, why would anyone not find it acceptable for an individual to have a surgical weight loss procedure so that person can once again go to the movies, fly in an airplane, or play in the yard with their children?

Morbid obesity is not a choice, it is a serious condition that benefits from treatment. Our staff is committed to helping people overcome morbid obesity, and it is our pleasure to provide you with this information.


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