Danielle, Baton Rouge, LA

"Dr. Bellanger performed my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in January of 2008. Before surgery, I weighed 253 pounds and was always tired, hungry, cranky and miserable. Today, I weigh 130 pounds and I am a whole new person! I have endless amounts of energy, I feel great about myself, I am always happy...and best of all, I am not always hungry! Dr. Bellanger changed my life!"

Chris, Baton Rouge, LA

"Dr. Bellanger was completely professional and seemed compassionate to my situation. He has always been pleasant to deal with. He completed my surgery with no complications and he and his staff are always friendly and very supportive. They answered all my questions and gave me plenty of information on top of what I asked. I had no doubts or fears going into surgery. I do not have any complaints at all. I have no trouble recommending Dr. Bellanger and his staff to anyone in need of this type of surgery."

Dianna, Baton Rouge, LA

Wow where do I even begin? My life has completely changed. Dr. Bellanger performed the Vertical Sleeve for me on 09/09/09 and I started at 292 lbs. Today I am only 8 months out and I weigh 180 lbs and still losing! I have gone from a size 30 to a size 12, and I couldn’t be more excited about my life. I now live by a new motto, “I eat to live and not live to eat!” Thank you Dr. Bellanger and staff for changing my life.

Sue, Baton Rouge, LA

"After I had surgery and changed my life style, I am now at 130 pounds. I am the healthiest and happiest I have been in years since Dr. Bellanger performed my gastric bypass 16 months ago. I wanted to lose 80-85 lbs. and I have lost 81, which is a significant amount of weight for someone who is only five feet "short"."

"Dr. Bellanger was very patient with me prior to surgery. He answered all my questions, some of the answers I did not want to hear, but needed to hear such as "Your comorbidities will not just go away, you must lose this excess weight and keep it off. This is a life changing surgery, you must be willing to change some of your eating and exercise (or lack of) habits."

"My surgery was performed at Vista Surgical Hospital in Baton Rouge, their entire staff was extremely nice and understanding; they treated me like a queen when I was there for surgery. A letter of recommendation was sent to my Blue Cross of Alabama insurance and I received an okay within 10 days and I was set to go."

Kathy, Greenwell Springs, LA

"Dr. Bellanger was very patient and listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. Some of the answers were not what I wanted to hear i.e. risks of surgery, possible complications. He informed me up front that this was no miracle and it was up to me post-operatively to begin working on changing some of the habits I had developed over my lifetime. (sedentary lifestyle, grazing etc) He encouraged me strongly to attend the support group both before and after surgery. His office staff was very helpful and friendly. My surgery went very smoothly with no complications. Dr. Bellanger has a wonderful bedside manner. I have no negative comments to make. This was an experience that has absolutely transformed my life. I went from being almost a recluse at a size 28-30 to being a very active size 12. I swim, walk, fish, travel and do all the things that I have been unable to do for years. Thanks, Dr. Bellanger!"

Amy, Prairieville, LA

"Dr. Bellanger is a great choice for a surgeon. He is approachable and friendly and very concerned with his patient’s comfort. He answered all of my questions and understood all of my hesitations. He was clear in explaining all the risks and recommending a surgery for me. He is a skilled surgeon with a great bedside manner. His staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, I've had a great experience and would recommend him to anyone."

Alana, Baton Rouge, LA

"Dr. Bellanger took his time explaining to my husband and I what would happen and when. I was very comfortable with his knowledge and professionalism he showed in his work. Even though there were several people at my office that have used him for this surgery, he still took his time explaining everything so that I knew what was going to take place. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a doctor for this type of surgery. He has made my entire family and myself very comfortable with this decision I have made and am looking forward to the outcome and success of my surgery."

Jacqueline, Atlanta, GA

"I had my surgery on Valentine's Day 2007. Dr. Bellanger and his staff were wonderful. I traveled from Atlanta, GA to have surgery and Sue, his office manager was helpful each step of the way. Dr. Bellanger has a wonderful bedside manner and is extremely knowledgeable in the area of bariatrics, and answered any questions we had. I felt very confident in my choice of surgeon and must say my recovery went SO MUCH better than I could have expected. The Vista Surgery Center was incredible and my care could not have been better."

Denine, Walker, LA

"Dr. Bellanger is very professional. His office staff is very nice. He has done many surgeries in the Baton Rouge area. He emphasizes it is a lifetime commitment to lose the weight even though you have a tool now to use to help you. He has a very methodical and laid out plan for aftercare. He is a very thorough doctor overall. I haven't have had my surgery yet, but others says he has great surgical competence and bedside manner."

Janet, Denham Springs, LA

"Dr. Bellanger is an excellent surgeon and he really cares about his patients. He patiently answered all my questions and we talked about my fears. When I left his office I was confident that I had made the right choice of surgeons and operations. His assistant is excellent also. All the people are caring and really want you to succeed. They handle the aftercare groups once a week. Dr. Bellanger stresses that it is very important to attend the meetings. Vista hospital and ALL of the people who work there are great! The nurses and the nurse’s aides, the physical therapist, the pulmonary therapist, and the phlebotomist are all excellent. I think that Dr. Bellanger gets an A+!"

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